OpenPilot OPLink Mini-Modem


OPLink Mini, a tiny 100mw 32Bit 433Mhz modem complete with antenna, cables and connectors.

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Product Description

This genuine OPLink Mini kit contains the tiny 100mw 32bit modem and comes complete with a 2Bi antenna, OP Serial cable and a high quality MMCX to SMA pigtail. The modem uses a MMCX connector on board and this extends its flexibility greatly; you can use the included adapter which allows the direct connection of any standard SMA antenna without any fuss. This enables upgrades to very high performance off the shelf antennas which are generally SMA at this frequency range. Additionally, for on aircraft solutions a MMCX to SMA pigtail can be used for remote placement, and yet another option for a lightweight on-board solution is to use the Revo antenna which connects directly to the OPLink Mini.

This modem is very well designed and engineered, while tiny, it packs in serious performance, the on-board STM32 is the same high performance microcontroller used in the successful CC3D flight controller. This is 4 layer PCB design for much better grounding and noise reduction, it also has USB connectivity, a dedicated serial port and also has the OpenPilot Flexi port which offers a choice of PPM, an additional serial port or I2C connectivity.

With its efficient and solid RF focused design, it has is extremely low noise which results in better receive sensitivity and of course enhanced range. As the OPLink Mini has PPM in/out connectivity via it’s flexiport it can also be used for aircraft control

Additionally, people are using these modems not only for OpenPilot UAVs but have had great success with other vendors controllers as well, besides that people are using them for a host of remote connectivity applications as they are ideal as a long range wireless USB to Serial devices.

Ships With

  • OPLink Mini 32Bit Modem
  • Standard OP Serial cable
  • Rubber duck 433Mhz antenna
  • MMCX to SMA pigtail



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Weight 453 g
Dimensions 177 x 127 x 20 mm


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