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Shuriken Build Guide

Shuriken Build Guide

S The Shuriken build appears to be a simple one, and it is, but therein lies its complexity. Follow along and with any luck your new frame will be completed and you imbibed with a little Sasquatch magic.


1Let’s open the package and separate the parts. Doing this will allow us to ensure everything we need to begin is present.

Laying out the parts we can see we’re working with some body plates, arms, a camera plate, and all related spacers and hardware.

Looking at the body plates we can see that one contains an extra port near the top.

2The plate with the extra port is the top plate, this port is for a video/FPV transmitter.

The port on this plate also marks the “rear” of the plate. This will be important to note for later as we align and match the plates together.

For now we’ll want to start with the bottom plate.

3Selecting the bottom plate you’ll notice there is a hole in each of the four corners.

The “front” of the plate is the side with the horizontal cutout running parallel along the plates edge.

There is also a “triangle” grouping of 3 holes in four different areas around the plate. This is where we’ll mount the arms.

4Placing the upper-leftmost arm first we’ll only want to attach it with the first two mounting points. The third is for a spacer.

When mounting the upper-rightmost arm we’ll want to ensure we only use the upper two mounting points as well.

For the arms we will need to use the longer of the two available screw sets.

5Continuing, we need to ensure the rear arms are mounted using only the two outermost mounting points.

At this point all four arms should be mounted leaving one mounting point each inline with the plates sidemost edges.

6We will now secure a spacer in each of the remaining arm mounting points completing the trifecta.
7Follow that up by mounting the remaining spacers, one in each of the four outermost corners.

When mounting the remaining spacers, ensure to use the smaller of the two available screw sets.

8Next, and this is optional, we will mount the camera plate. No additional hardware is required here.

It should slide directly into the aforementioned horizontal slot indicating the front of the plate.

The top plate will match and secure once everything is mounted.

9Finally we will mount the top plate using the remaining of the smaller two available screw sets.

If using the camera plate, ensure it snaps into the top plate before locking everything down with screws.

10Build completed! All you need to do now is sprinkle some pixie dust, mount up all your electronics, and go shred some air!


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