Team Sasquatch – An Introduction

Team Sasquatch – An Introduction

Team Samsquanch? Ya’ll one of them Big Foot hunters?

So this is a question we get a lot. It’s valid. The Sasquatch are notorious for not wanting to be found. In fact, whole industries have capitalized on the very obscurity these creatures thrive upon; its cast a spotlight into the darkness, and I’m not sure the world is ready for what looks back.

In short, no, we are not “Big Foot hunters.” Before all this started we were just a group of people that liked to build, hack, and fly all the things. As we followed our passion for flight, a dark side emerged and our path and mission became clear. Our journey has been fraught with many pleasures and perils; we’ve been mocked, robbed, copied, and even sold-out from the inside. Despite this, we persevere.

So, contrary to common belief, we are not the *hunters,* we are the hunted. All of us.


Humble Beginnings

Our first attempt to assemble a team nearly destroyed us. We learned a lot. So for round two we’ve added a little flair we picked up from our mysterious hairy brethren, and decided that it was time for an overhaul of the Sasquatch Labs and affiliated sites. This site focuses on our theme, our work, the greater community, and of course The Vault, which houses many of the creatures and monsters of mythology and folklore from all over the world.

We are truth seekers, hackers, pilots, activists, and above all; humans. Our mission is to act as both student and educator as we spread the knowledge and wisdom of the forgotten, and bring about increased global awareness through advancing technology. We are Team Sasquatch. This is Sasquatch Labs.

In time, we will reveal the full story of our brush with the legendary and ancient creatures; the sentinels of unspoiled nature; The Sasquatch.



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Goobs Rc Fpv - 07. Dec, 2015 - Reply

Nice one guys, keep up the great work :)